Your Vision – Our Expertise

At Bagno Design by FS, your satisfaction is our paramount concern. We take pride in our comprehensive services, starting with a free design consultation and 3D rendering of your space, to a hassle-free experience that sees your project to completion, with free-of-charge delivery and 15 days of complimentary storage for your ordered materials.

fsbagno san | Bagno Design by FS in Santorini
fsbagno 3d | Bagno Design by FS in Santorini

3D Visualization

Choose with Confidence with 3D Previews of Your Project

Utilizing cutting-edge 3D rendering technology, we vividly bring your bathroom vision to life. Our software transforms your project’s concept into tangible, realistic representations, a complimentary service to help you review your choices beforehand, ensuring confidence and satisfaction in every detail.

fsbagno 3d | Bagno Design by FS in Santorini


Beyond the Showroom – On-site Consultations

Elevate your design journey with our commitment to excellence. Experience personalized service as our Bagno Design by FS professionals visit your space, offering insightful consulting and expert solutions to optimize the arrangement of your space, ensuring efficiency and functionality with dedicated guidance and tailored expertise.

fsbagno con | Bagno Design by FS in Santorini

Free Product Transfer

Complimentary Delivery on All Orders

Your convenience is our priority, so delivery is on us! From our showroom to your front door, our commitment to exceptional service extends to bringing your order directly to the construction site at no additional cost, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

fsbagno transfer | Bagno Design by FS in Santorini


Extended Care – Secure Convenience

Any building project demands flexibility and peace of mind in case of unexpected construction delays. Enjoy the added benefit of complimentary storage for your order for up to 15 days, in our secure storage facilities at Bagno Design by FS in Santorini.

fsbagno storage | Bagno Design by FS in Santorini

Wholesale & Retail

Comprehensive Solutions for Wholesale and Retail

At Bagno Design by FS in Santorini we cater to diverse needs by offering both wholesale and retail options. Whether you're an individual planning to build or renovate, an interior decorator seeking tangible inspiration, or a business in pursuit of a reliable local supplier, our expansive range and versatile services can meet your every requirement with meticulous care for every scale of project.

fsbagno san | Bagno Design by FS in Santorini
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